Iron Gods Half Way Recap

Fires of Creation

The town of Torch, known for its expert craftsmanship with skymetals, was in trouble. The purple flame atop Black Hill mysteriously went out and caused panic in the heavily taxed town. The workers no longer had a way to smith the exotic alloys that made Torch’s economy stable. In addition, another mystery began to reveal itself: citizens of Torch began to develop strong headaches without any noticeable clue to the cause. Different groups of explorers and citizens took it upon themselves to explore within the caves below Black Hill in search for an answer to the flame’s disappearance. Four groups of explorers previously attempted to venture into the caves, all of which failed to reach the source of the problem. Among one of the groups was Khonnir Baine, a council member of Torch who decided to take the matter into his own hands. He returned from one expedition having recovered broken automaton near a metal door at the end of the caves. He returned on another expedition still seeking an answer to Torch’s problem.

After Khonnir’s disappearance for over a week, four other visitors heard of Torch’s troubles and agreed to seek answers to the missing purple flame and search for the town’s missing council member. Raghnar, a Kellid barbarian from the Warsong clan on his name quest. Zair, an android searching Numerian ruins for answers to her existence. Ivori, a half-elf who grew up in Numeria and helping Zair find her answers. Celio, a highborn human from Ustalav wandering Numeria seeking enlightenment. The four gathered information from Dolga Freddert, the elder council member, and ventured into Black Hill. They came across various creatures and obstacles eventually finding their way into a desert covered by a colossal dome. While walking their way through four-armed skeletal creatures rose from the sands and attacked the party. Celio was taken down, leaving the others the difficult choice to leave him behind, lest anyone else die.

The party regrouped and met with an associate of Khonnir’s named Lenard Varsel, an elf from Starfall who was eager to find his missing friend. They also met with a man named Sanvill Trett, introducing himself as a tinkerer of technological items. Hearing about their discoveries, Sanvill became interested and the party invited him along on their next voyage into the buried world. They party delved further into the caves, fighting off an undead kasatha worshiper of Zyphus, god of accidental death. The party moved onward to an area completely made of metal and blinking lights and strange glass screens. They eventually found Khonnir unconscious in a room, guarded by two drones. After a tough fight, they were able to rescue Khonnir, though Lenard died in the struggle. On their way back to Torch, Sanvill betrayed the party when they were vulnerable, but they retaliated fairly quickly and killed him. Reading a note on Sanvill’s body, the party discovered he was a spy for the Technic League, a powerful organization of mages from Starfall, Numeria’s capital, seeking to maintain secrecy and absolute control of all technology.

Upon returning to Torch Joram Kyte, the town high cleric devoted to Brigh, goddess of clockwork, resurrected Lenard as thanks for saving Khonnir. Afterward the party began to investigate goings on with Garmen, owner of the town gambling hall and known for secrecy and association with thugs. The party broke into his warehouse and killed him and his group of thugs who were guarding a hidden technological artifact known as a power relay, a device used to transmit energy from one destination to another hundreds of miles away. The frequencies created by this device were causing the mysterious headaches. They party left the device with Khonnir to study and once again plundered into the Black Hill caves and repaired a piece of cable making an elevator functional once again. The elevator brought them to another level of the massive metal dungeon, where they fought their way through orcs, ratfolk, and even a gargoyle to finally face an android woman named Meyanda, a cleric serving a god called Hellion, able to provide her spells through worship. She was guarding a fusion reactor that she was using to siphon power via the power relay to another location. The party defeated her and spared her life. They also convinced her to turn on the ventilation again allowing the flame to return atop Black Hill.

Lords of Rust

After studying the power relay, Khonnir determined that the device was transmitting power to a location 100 miles north of Torch, a settlement known as Scrapwall. Meyanda, the new prisoner of the party, was unwilling to disclose specific information other than it was what Hellion had ordered her to do. Zair, Lenard, and Raghnar volunteered to travel to Scrapwall and investigate further into the potential threat, while Ivori stayed behind in Torch to assist Kohnnir in his research. Joram Kyte suggested that the party visit the Sarenrae worshipers at Aldronard’s Grave, just a day’s walk away from Scrapwall, to possible find out more of Scrapwall’s recent developments. He also asked the party to locate a friend of his, a woman named Dinvaya Lanalei who was in hiding from the Technic League.

The party decided to take Meyanda with them, seeing her as a potential bargaining tool or resource of information. They eventually arrived at Aldronard’s grave to be greeted by guards with odd accents, telling them to leave for plague had stuck the fort. Seeing through their lies, the party eventually began fighting the “guards,” and defeated them and their leader Hatchet-Hand. They released prisoners who revealed their captors to be members of a gang from Scrapwall called the Smilers. The party eventually arrived at Scrapwall and negotiated their way inside using Meyanda as a bargaining tool, earning the trust of Sevroth Slaid, a member of the Steel Hawks gang. They also located Dinvaya and acquired her assistance with taking down the Lords of Rust, Hellion’s gang. Through various quarrels with gangs and alliances with others, they eventually earned a reputation as the Torchbearers and fought their way through the Lords of Rust. The torchbearers infiltrated Hellion’s fortress and defeated all of the Lords of Rust.

Hellion was discovered to be not a god, but a technological artifact known as an artificial intelligence, seen as a god by the thugs of Scrapwall, yet he could still provide spells to his worshipers. The AI was trying to excavate a massive digging machine that had been long since buried below Scrapwall. He was using the power from the fusion reactor in Torch to power the metal behemoth. The party cornered Hellion, who had embedded himself in a powerful arachnid robot, and fought him to his destruction. Meyanda revealed that Hellion wished to use the digging machine to burrow his way into Silver Mount and destroy some other entity he saw as a threat. The Torchbearers also defeated Kulgara, commander of the Lords of Rust, and discovered a lead from her journal. Hellion had assigned her a mission to find the death site of an oracle named Casandalee who would have valuable information stored on a neurocam detailing how to defeat this greater threat in Silver Mount.

The Choking Tower

The torchbearers returned to Torch with news of Hellion’s defeat. Kulgara’s notes indicated that Casandalee’s last known location was in a village called Iadenveigh southwest of Torch. The party traveled to technophobic town of farmers and hunters seeking knowledge of Casandalee’s resting place. The town was not comfortable with newcomers unwilling to disclose specific reasons for their visit. The party met with a council member of Iadenveigh, a ranger named Iadrin Ashworth, better known as Redfang. Redfang offered to assist the party if they first helped him with some problems in the village: a creature that threatened the village, and a technic league spy. They explored the home of a local farmer and discovered he had been killed by a mutated Yaoguai, which the torchbearers slayed with Redfang’s assistance. Ivori arrived shortly after to rejoin the others on their quest. Next the party investigated throughout the village and pinpointed the spy to be among some Varisian newcomers to Iadenveigh. The party observed and then began to question the Varisian performers. One of them, a woman names Illaris, made a run away from the party. She almost escaped, but the party was able to detain her. Illaris was studying the mutating effects of the town’s lake for her technic league superior, a man named Ghartone.

The Iadenveigh council met with the party, and as thanks for catching the spy revealed a secret entrance to a metallic cavern below, believed to be the cause of the water’s mutation effects. The party explored into the wreckage of yet again another buried starship. A group of mutated androids were the first to greet them with combat. Their leader, a deformed android named Seerath, killed Lenard by surprise from the shadows. The remaining torchbearers continued exploring to discover that Casandalee’s body had been taken away by a wizard named Furkas Xoud. Furkas was an exile from the Technic League who built a tower for his private experiments in the middle of a forest that was once called Dreamwood, but had thereafter been called Smokewood. The torchbearers returned to Iadenveigh and met with a dwarf by the name of Haldron Freddert (son of Dolga, Torch’s elder council member). Haldron learned that they intended to explore the Choking Tower and he asked to accompany them hoping to find new ways to combat the Technic League. After Haldron joined them, the party witnessed the drowning execution of Illaris, gaining no new information from the arrogant spy.

The torchbearers made their way into Smokewood and began exploring the Choking Tower and its many laboratories for various smoke and vapor research. While exploring the various laboratories Haldron met a gruesome end by being torn to pieces by a bader-like creature call an aurumvorax. Afterward the party left the tower to recover, running into a mysterious individual named Zan, who had been guided to the tower by dark voices in his head. The torchbearers reluctantly let this man join then, learning later that he was the leader of the late gang from Scrapwall called the Voidwalkers, all but a couple of them slaughtered by the Lords of Rust. The ghost of Furkas Xoud confronted the Torchbearers and the Void Walker several times before the final showdown in the lower tower dungeon where he had used a thought harvester robot to extract memories from Casandalee’s brain since android’s organs don’t decay. After defeating Furkas’s ghost, the party listened to a message recorded from Casandalee’s memories in which she was answering a series of questions Furkas asked her before his death. The recording revealed that Casandalee was once a worshiper of a god-like entity called Unity. She fled from Unity after learning of its true intentions for the world and took with her some valuable technological items, including a neruocam. She hid this neruocam in the Scar of the Spider, which according to Hellion’s knowledge, contained valuable information on how to defeat Unity. She also revealed that Unity is currently trapped in the confines of Silver Mount. But it intends to find a way to escape and establish absolute control over all life.

Iron Gods Half Way Recap

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