Iron Gods

Do Androids dream of electric sheep?

So the time has finally come, we are to march on Unity and destroy it once and for all. Easier said than done, say no mention of what we will have to overcome to even get close to it.

A dragon demands tribute from us, but we kill him and take his hoard as our own, but at a price, I become deafened by his mighty roar before we put him down. Perhaps it will be blessing, I will no longer have to listen to the bickering of my travel companions. When this is all over, I will be relieved to part ways with them.

Entering the temple of Unity also nearly proves fatal as we are welcomed by a massive Annihilator robot, the battle is long and difficult but it too succumbs to our might. We are able to take stock of our surroundings afterwards and discover a massive graviton reactor….I have only heard legends on these devices. My curiosity begs me to turn it on, my cautiousness prevents me from doing so; I loathe to see what it invites.

Zair finds a hole in the floor that seems familiar to her, what we found below shocked us to our core; clones. Clones of Zair beyond count. A Log is found with five entries…what they describe is troubling.

“Sometimes we don’t understand the technology we control. In my time on Androffa and during my space travels I have witnessed technology save countless lives and create the unimaginable. I have also seen technology destroy entire civilizations with the single press of a button. That’s why I created the Zealot Artificial Intelligence Removal (ZAIR) program.”

“Our greatest power, the Divinity Drive, is all that makes Divinity’s travel through space-time possible. None of the Androffans understand how or why it works. They only care for harnessing its unlimited power to continue their scientific studies. I, on the other hand, value life too much. Power like this can only be explained by… a sort of divine presence in the universe, not at all in line with the atheistic practices of Androffans. Project ZAIR will protect the Divinity Drive or destroy if it cannot be safely reclaimed.”

“Our greatest assistance is also our greatest threat. Artificial Intelligences have expanded the capacity for what technology can manipulate on its own. Despite our secretly held ability to create them through a several year process, they hold a power that none of us will truly understand. Project ZAIR will destroy AIs should they begin to work against the well-being of life.”

“Almost a year into the project. Best I give a status report. We have engineered the first hundred ZAIR units. Their capabilities are matching with what data had suggested. They are agile and quick learners though like many of our engineered brothers and sisters they do not respond correctly to social customs. I will enter another project log after we have left orbit from Kasath.”

“Under att…….. much time….. ject ZAIR not ready…….. deploy backup units………………………..hostile lifeforms………….harvest our brains……..depths………void…………..signal lost…………crew numbers fall………….backup generator offline………………….Divinity damage report………project on lockdo…………………………….”

None of this bodes well for us.

The Void Beckons


Much has happened in the past month. Taking out the technic league was no easy task, but thanks to the power of the Void Walkers and Torchbearers, we saved the people of Starfall, and hopefully began a new era in Numeria, where the technic league is no longer used as a means of hoarding technology, but rather, distributing it to the people in a positive manner. Regardless, I will ensure that Meyanda does her job right as their new leader, and if she doesn’t, I will slaughter her with no mercy. I am sick of tyrants.

It bothers me that Osmon Zaud is still out there somewhere…just waiting to stab us when we are not looking. I believe we must tread carefully to Divinity Drive…something tells me we are going to see him again. At least we killed that treacherous bitch assistant of his, Zernabeth. I had a feeling she was just as bad. All tyrants must die. No one escapes the void.

Every day, I feel like I am being pushed closer toward the one that calls himself Tycalarius. I can’t admit it to the others, but my power of the void is becoming so strong, it has become harder to control recently. I mustn’t let myself go mad; I still have a duty to fulfill. Unity must be stopped at all costs. I know that together, we will succeed in the upcoming endeavors. I just hope we can defeat Unity before I completely lose myself to the void that beckons to me. Tycelarius will have to wait for my soul- The Void Walkers are still here, and we have unfinished business with Unity. We will not fail.

Entry 10034287

Sessions 21-22: Zair

After having explored a great deal of the Black Sovereign’s palace, it was not at all difficult to return to the hidden passageway that we had discovered yesterday. As a complete group, as we obviously determined that certain members of our party are prone to irrational and clearly unwise behaviors when left apart, we descended down beneath the palace. We immediately encountered a three-armed giant, of which we quickly disposed. When we entered the next room, we found a series of statues, and an altar of sorts. Unsurprisingly, two hellish, winged creatures occupied the space. They posed an entirely unnecessary challenge: due to their flying, the majority of our party was rendered useless as we wasted a great deal of time taking them down. Apparently, one of them was able to alert the religious mages of the palace, though we ended their lives without difficulty.

The encounters thus far instigated a great deal of pointless discussion amongst the group. Many of the others were worried that more threats would follow the mages down to attack us. Normally I find emotions, especially fear, intriguing and a very interesting time to observe other creatures. In that moment, however, it did nothing but waste our time. If there were truly a terrible threat coming down after us, would it not simply attack us on the main levels as well? After what felt like eternity wasted, the whole group finally agreed to continue with the mission that we had to complete regardless of how frightened they felt. Therefore, we proceeded through to a hidden chamber where we encountered the ghost of the First Sovereign, a woman who turned out to be nothing more than a “raging bitch” (I believe that is the correct terminology). She occupied a number of robotic vessels in the room and even took over Ivar’s mind for a short period of time. Though, her threat was also short-lived. This led us to find the hidden entrance to the Technic League, which we would need after the Black Sovereign’s death.

Speaking of which, we returned to the surface and made plans with the Mockery to put the uprising into motion the following day. When we returned to the castle, we worked with the Sovereign’s consort to plan to kill Ghartone, the Black Sovereign’s second in command, and Ivar’s former torturer. The human and his robot guards were quickly taken down, leaving us to simply find the most efficient way to kill the Black Sovereign. As a bonus, our plan allowed us to free Ragnahr, as he volunteered to take the king down. Our former companion defeated the Black Sovereign surprisingly easily, and soon found himself serving as the advisor and consort to the new Black Sovereign of Starfall.

In order to continue with our plan of ending the Technic League’s power in Numeria, we have returned to their base from beneath the palace, crippling their defenses one room at a time.

Starfall is where we start...

Session 19-20: Ivar

You’ll have to pardon me if my memory is a little fuzzy; I may have overindulged on the flay leaf a bit…but let me see what I can recall….

We had made it Starfall in our next step to thwart the Technic League…to stop a great being known as Unity that resides within the Silver Mount. Of course we were not at all in incognito and our advanced tech made us stick out like a sore thumb; only members of technic league are allowed to carry technology…so we had to avoid patrols the best we could.

My memory gets fuzzy here…but I do recall we needed to make it to a black market auction to obtain a device that the Technic League needed…or wanted….whichever. Zair and I pooled our resources together to purchase what we thought was what the Technic League was after…..what a waste of gold.

A Group of barbaric warriors interrupted the auction and we were forced to fight them to very last, it was afterwards that we learned what the league was really after; a AI facet that the auctioneer was using as an earring for Torag’s sake.

Well this is where it gets really fuzzy….we had to go somewhere….to stop someone…from providing something….to someone….

I went with that one guy….to a FLAY LEAF DEN! Yes…that was it. And we needed to kill the supplier…which apparently the staff was totally ok with….so they let us have all the flayleaf we wanted….and that…..that’s all I can remember right now…..

The Brain Games

Sessions 15-18: Mark

Where do I even start? Well, let’s see… inside the giant decaying ship we fought this talking ooze thing that called itself The-Stars-Whisper. The ooze expressed some resentment for the Dominon having left it there to die a slow death by rotting along with their ship. A true captain I guess. It asked for our help in destroying two enemies: one of them an intellect devourer controlling a dragon, the other an evolved brain collector calling itself Dwller in Dark Places. The ooze opened a neighboring room, providing us some supplies including a rocket launcher, a staff, and what Ivar describes as some artifact gem for technology… Anyway, after that the ooze decided to kill us as a test of our strength against the Dweller. The fight was a close one. Ivar’s hammer attacks did nothing, and Seven’s spells were not harming the damn thing a bit. Zan carried us to victory and saved me after being completely submerged in the ooze. I guess Zair and Hyrsek helped a bit too…

After that we decided to explore the fungal caves to the north. Isuma and I stood guard outside so as to prevent any other creatures from sneaking up on our friends while they explored. She is very strange. So alert and on edge… I wonder what it would be like to have four arms… to throw double the punches… We waited a couple of hours until the others returned with the tiefling nowhere to be seen. Turns out the Technic League bastard betrayed them in the cave after locating a contained talking brain belonging to a man named Therace, once a lieutenant of the Technic League.

We rested for the night and afterward headed through the swamp to the south-west in search for some robojack thing, though I thought the reason we were actually here was for a neurocam, or whatever… As we were trudging through the marsh, Zair’s bag began shaking. The wayfinder she found was rattling and pointing us to a different direction than before, so naturally we headed that way. We discovered a small cave with a corpse, but further in we fought a pistol-wielding zombie. Zair defeated the undead in a cave-enclosed shootout. Hopefully my hearing isn’t permanently damaged… We found another small crystal on the zombie, revealed by Ivar to be another artifact. We seem to be finding a lot of those lately.

As we continued further the swamp began to emit a strange glowing-grey color in the vegetation… Ivar, since he knows everything, concluded that the area was being inhabited by an ooze creature called a colour-out-of-space. Apparently this ooze is also like a ghost and feeds off life. I would have otherwise thought he was telling a ghost story, but the other strange shit we’ve seen here stopped me from questioning him. We decided to switch our focus on the Dominion Hive. We relocated the tracks left by the annihilator robot and followed them to a wall of shrubbery. Zan realized that a section of the plants were merely an illusion. We walked through and were greeted by a massive beam of plasma. Hello annihilator and goodbye Seven… Zan thankfully revived Seven immediately after he was almost disintegrated. We had yet another tough fight with this massive metal beast. Ivar and Zair did the most destruction, but I made sure to give it a few dents myself. After the metal monster was destroyed we moved further into the hive having Zan pass us through living doors while we fought off brain collectors, brain parasites, and biomechanical spiders.

We eventually entered the lair of a dragon, or rather a dragon controlled by an intellect devourer calling itself Maukui. Isuma immediately looked ready to kill it, but Zan and the Torchbearers decided to make an alliance with Maukui. The intellect devourer was frustrated with the Dweller taking away an “intelligence” he had been working on. We continued further, rescuing our druid… associate… and fighting off more brain collectors until we met with a woman covered in spikes and chains… She is the one Maukui asked us to spare, the Flayer. She didn’t seem to wish us harm, but she looked very interested in Ivar, constantly asking him to let her experiment on him… We politely declined and moved further into the hive.

Zan was able to activate a teleporting machine in the following room, which transported us to another room containing a technological device showing the living picture of an android woman, someone Zair knows as Casandalee. We fought off the room’s golem guardian only to be cornered by the Dweller himself. This fight went easier than expected. We quickly dealt with the Dweller’s brain collector minions, and the brain-sacked fucker escaped with a spell after Ivar landed some heavy hits with his hammer. Just about ready to leave, we remembered our deal with Maukui. We were going to leave the dragon be, but stupid Isuma had to assert her desire to kill it for revenge and shit. So, naturally, we had Seven port us into the lair and we slaughtered the wyrm, though the fight was not yet won. Maukui revealed his true self from the dragon’s head and gave us a long fight until he finally fell to the strength of the Void Walkers and Torchbearers combined. By this point all of us were covered in the slime, brains, guts, and other bodily fluids of these disgusting evil creatures. We finally left the hive, knowing that the Dominion of the Black’s activity in the Scar of the Spider was ended. The Dweller still lives, but his power won’t prevail without followers.

According to Casandalee we have more pressing matters at hand. A powerful being called Unity resides inside Silver Mount and it must be stopped. After consulting with Khonnir, a friend of Zair’s, we will not be able to access Silver Mount until the Technic League is dealt with. It seems our next course of action is to revisit my home… Starfall. If the Torchbearers thought the brain games with these aliens were bad, wait until they get a load of Starfall’s hospitality.

Call of the Void

Session 14: Zan

Things were not going well for us. The Android died by Ivar’s hands against his will, Ivori went missing, and I was blind. This whole expedition to find neurocam was turning into a disaster. I suppose that’s what they want though. Those that control the void. The dark depths of outer space. They showed me that when I walked out of the church of Brigh in Torch, as I was convulsing uncontrollably and heard their voices. They told me of how the void will consume and destroy my friends. They tell me of the people hailing from the stars, and how the void consumed them, and told me I have seen their remains. The voice also told me that the void shall consume me and my friends.
I have never had messages this strong until now. They want to destroy…to consume. But am I to carry out their orders? They told me to find Lenard, Zair, Ivori, and Ragnahr, and at this very moment, those exact people were all either dead or missing in action. I pondered deep in thought as we made our way to look for a means of resurrecting Zair. Was it meant to be this way? Should I revive Zair…or was she supposed to die? My cause leads me in two directions: one of great freedom…but another with a void consuming and destroying. Am I to embrace this destructive path? What will happen to me if I am to ignore these signs? I have strong connections to the void they speak of…and betraying them could lead to severe consequences. But on the other hand…I could not bear myself if I killed my own allies, especially Mark. For once in my life I just don’t know what to do…
Ivar bought a resurrection scroll, and I used it to revive Zair. The reunion between her and Ivor was…touching, but strange. After using the scroll, I feel that in time I may learn a means of resurrecting people without the need of a scroll.
After the reunion, we decided to hurry on back to the valley to find Ivori. We returned to the cave Isuma was hiding out in, and thankfully she found Ivori. Ivori seemed to be acting kind of weird, but I didn’t pay much mind to it. Mark did, however. After a bit of discussion with Ivroi, she took off and tried to run away. Something was not right. After a bit of fighting, a strange being burst from her head and ran away. It looked like a…brain. Things were starting to get very disturbing. I was a bit indifferent to Ivori’s death, as I did not know her very well.
We decided to press forward despite the recent trauma and found a tiefling named Hyrsek Caio. I was a little suspicious of him, but he offered to help us if we helped him, so we let him tag along for the time being.
We cleared out a radiated cave with giant spiders, and did not find much of interest except for one of the dead androids.
On our way to the fleshmounds, I had yet another convulsion. This time, I learned of the being’s desire to experiment and learn about something. They learned about Unity from Ivori, and emphasized how they must “destroy to grow” and also had an interest in…my brain.
Zair yet again stuck her gun at me. She seemed to believe that I am one of these beings. I suppose such a suspicion is logical, but nonetheless, after I brought her to life…I find it odd that she would have any suspicion of my motives. On the other hand…I question the motives of some of my recent allies. Ivar seems trustworthy enough, and Isuma made her intentions clear. But Zair and Seven…I don’t know yet. Zair pulled her gun on me twice. She seems to have no restraint in her, and displays a high level of emotional irrationality. But then again… her destructive nature kind of reminds me of myself. I still watch Seven closely, not really with suspicion, but with curiosity. He just doesn’t make any sense to me. Who is he?
We walked into the huge, organic obstruction, and fought with a strange being. It did not prove to be extremely volatile, but more frustrating to fight than anything. Later on, I gained a curiosity in Hyrsek’s motives. I found out that he is a mercenary for the technic league, and readied myself to fight him, but after talking to him more realized he was really just a means to an end for the league. Perhaps I could convert him to my gang…for a better cause.
I believe as we walk into this huge, organic obstruction, we are finding ourselves closer to the claws of the void. In time, I shall find the answers I am looking for, and perhaps understand my purpose…whether it be for freedom…destruction…or both.

Entry 9739052

Session 13: Zair

Upon my companions awakening, we conducted a series of business transactions in Torch before we teleported to this area known as the Scar of the Spider. Something in the valley seemed to be interfering with my circuitry slightly, as I was unable to take notice and log many of the details of the area.

When we arrived in the valley, we discovered the remains of a large robot called an annihilator robot, as well as the tracks of another that seems to have escaped the explosion that destroyed the first. With the nonfunctional robot, was a group of dead barbarians that seemed to have had their brains removed. As we continued through the valley we discovered a group of androids that had turned against the very essence of our being and abhorred technology to the point of demanding its destruction. They threatened us when we would not be “cleansed,” as they put it, but once their leader was destroyed they quickly surrendered.

Our next encounter was much stranger. A man named Paetyr offered us vegetables that had strange effects on my companions, though I willingly chose not to consume any of them. He also informed us of a group of creatures in the valley known as “Butchers,” a member of which, “known as the Flayer,” had “unmade him.” Quite strange, and it does sound as though these Butchers could pose an issue to our mission. Paetyr also informed us of a four-armed woman living in a cave that he did not trust but could serve as a potential ally for us.

We spent the night with the odd human and in the morning headed to meet Isuma, the four-armed woman who turned out to be a member of the Kasatha race, as were the skeletons that we encountered below torch so long ago. She informed us that the Butchers are more formally known as the Dominion of Black and had attacked Divinity, her ship, thousands of years ago before it crashed in Golarian. Isuma also told us of another race of creatures, though unfriendly toward others, may provide assistance in learning more about the Dominion of Black.

As we continued with our new ally, we encountered a few small robots which we quickly destroyed and then discovered the dead body of a woman with an object known as a Wayfinder compass that pointed us toward the Southwest. Upon further investigation, we shall know if this is useful.

I Didn't Ask for This

Session 12: Ivar

It has been nearly six months to the day since I set foot into the caverns beneath Torch. An archaeological expedition sent to investigate the tunnels, winding passages, and technological artifacts of a civilization long since dead.

I’ve lost track how long since I regained consciousness…perhaps a month…maybe two?
It matters very little, the point is I am alive…my comrades were not so lucky. I shall avenge their deaths and bring to justice the ones responsible…the technic league.

As luck would have it, as I emerged from the depths below I was found by a group of heroes whom I have been told are responsible for returning the violet flame to the mountain. The stories they have shared with me leave no doubt that they share my hatred of the technic league. I took this meeting as a sign from Torag that I should lend to them my particular set of skills

Though I must admit that it was the Android, Zair, that sealed the deal for me. It is so rare to come upon one of her kind, I wasted no time in having her regale me her entire life history, while documenting it of course for prosterity. She is absolutely fascinating and I hope to learn more about her as we journey together.

It seems I will have no shortage of adventure in this journey, we teleported from torch and appeared in a long forgotten valley….where we came upon the wreckage of an Annihilator Robot.

It wasn’t much further away we chanced upon a cave where a cult of technology-hating androids were taking shelter…how’s that for irony? or is it an oxymoron? perhaps both? yes….let’s go with that; an oxymoronic irony.

But I digress…we now find ourselves raiding a cave filled with murderous robots with some four-armed women who wishes to have us join her in destroying the black dominion. I don’t know, I wasn’t paying much attention; I find myself distracted by Zair, it is a joy to watch her fight such fluid movement for a being that is essentially a robot.

In any case, my only wish is to continue my vengeance against the technic and perhaps learn something along the way, after all this is an academic expedition as much as it is a killing spree. And to any members of the technic league who may find this journal entry should I lose it, I have a message for you:

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want.
If you are looking for gold, I can tell you I don’t have any.
But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

The Void Walkers Return

Session 11: Zan

The voices in my head. Find Lenard, Ivori, Zair, and Ragnahr they said. Go to the Choking Tower they told me. But for what reason? Who are these people, and what is there significance? After I found them outside of the door of the Choking Tower, they seemed mistrustful of me, and rightfully so. I would be more worried if they weren’t. I did not see the man named Lenard with them, but the others were there. A half-elf named Ivori, tribal human named Ragnahr, and an android named Zair.

I felt unsure of myself when I approached them. I decided to offer them assistance with whatever it was they were doing in that forsaken place, and after some convincing, they let me tag along. They seemed in need of a spell caster after all.

After doing some research and close listening, I figured out that they were looking for dead android. They discussed how they were in Torch and brought the purple flame back, and then that led them to Scrapwall and they supposedly defeated the Lords of Rusts, and then that led them here. I was skeptical at first, but then I thought of the voices that told me to find them. That led me to believe they were telling the truth, and after some thought, I decided to keep helping them to further understand who the Lords of Rusts were and there purpose.

My gang must have posed a sort of threat to the Lords of Rusts. To think that this god of theirs was just some strange technological object is still confusing for me to grasp. But what of Meyanda? She could cast spells with the power of this “god”. To think that these people took down a tyrannical god named Helion…gave me great relief and pleasure, especially to know that my gang had been avenged. I feel that I owe the Torchbearer Gang a great debt.

Further we went into this crazy tower, and this annoying apparition named Furkas Xoud proved most annoying. After a long search, we finally found this dead android they were searching for. We “defeated” Xoud, only to realize that he would return in a few days.

We found a strange green globe, and it depicted a strange recording of Cassandal’s memories. The message spoke of a powerful god-like being named Unity, which from what I could understand was something similar to what Helion was. It sounds like it has plans to oppress and control others, and even has the ability to use powerful magic.

We all headed back to Torch, and found what looked like a pilgrim on our way over. He seemed lost, so we stopped and interrogated him a little. The man seemed to have an extreme case of Amnesia, as he remembered absolutely nothing except that his name is “Seven.” I found this to be a bit alarming, so we offered him to join us back on our way to Torch. I felt it was wise to keep an eye on him.

Meanwhile, after meeting some new people, such as Khonnir and Val bane, we went to a bar for a nice drink. My mind was pondering, thinking of all I had seen, and then I heard a familiar voice. I was almost disturbed, thinking the dead had come to haunt me. But it was Mark’s voice, and it was for real. We caught up with what had happened in Scrapwall, and recognized the misperceived notions of our deaths.

After I learning that Mark is alive, I know what has to be done. The corrupt being Unity sounds like a dire threat to the free will of mankind. Our purpose is now clear. Everything is starting to come together. The voices led me to forge an alliance with the Torchbearers, and ultimately leading me to Torch, where I found Mark still alive. With him and the Torchbearers at my side, nothing will stop us.

Watch out you so called god “Unity.” The Void Walkers have returned!

Here We Go Again...

Session Log 10: Ivori

I’m beginning to wonder about these people we find to join our group. Lenard is gone, but he wasn’t that hard to replace; it seems like they’re all the same anyway. We accepted the offer of a proper burial for Lenard after appropriating his useful items. The new addition to our party is a dwarf named Haldron Fredert. He showed up while we were discussing Illaris’s death sentence. Haldron seemed very keen on speaking with her before the sentence was carried out, which piqued our interest at once. When we asked why he felt he needed to do this, he dodged the question and said it was to do with business. His secrecy made me feel uneasy about him, though his name rang a bell at the back of my mind. Upon talking with him further, we discovered he hails from Torch, and his mother is Dolga Fredert, the very woman who got us started on this crazy adventure. After some thought, Haldron has been welcomed into our group and granted permission to speak with Illaris, though under surveillance.

We headed south to Bad Water to witness Illaris’s execution, the method of which was tying her to a rock and pushing it into the water so she would be dragged to the bottom. Before the execution, Haldron approached her and began to question her, growing angrier with each passing second. I guess what they say about the dwarf race is true. It escalated to him threatening to physically harm Illaris, at which point the guards asked him to stand down. I can’t help but feel like this one is going to cause us some problems…

In the moment before her execution, Illaris for once looked utterly helpless and afraid. As she was drawn into the murky depths of the water, there were many grumblings of “good riddance” and similar sentiments, though I did hear Ragnahr say he believed her to have been a great dancer.

After heaving a sigh of relief for the death of one foe, we headed back to the well to search for the cause of the water pollution. Moving past the parts we had already explored, we passed by what appeared to be deformed androids, one of which looked eerily similar to Zair. My hair stands on end just thinking about it.

We came upon a spot with two doors, one bearing the label “Nano Tech,” the other “Canister Access.” Upon entering the former, we began to feel another presence in the room with us, which immediately put us on edge. I used one of my extracts to see this being, the outline of a humanoid figure. He is called Sahasho, and he is from the plane of air, though he’s been trapped for seven years. Master Xoud seems to be the only one who can help him get back, so we promised to find him in exchange for Sahasho’s help. He informed us Casendali is the name of the Zair look-alike, which is useful knowledge I suppose, but does not make me feel less unnerved. Apparently Xoud said he would be back, then teleported away with Casendali and has yet to return.

We figured out the toxic gas in the canister room would be a likely cause of the water pollution, so we managed to return power to the facility using our batteries. We were then able to translate enough of the text on the control screens to figure out how to lower the gas levels in the chamber until no gas remained.

With another problem solved, we retraced our steps and decided to explore another door we did not investigate earlier. Ragnahr and Haldron forced it open only to unleash two hungry fleshes – deformed androids with no other purpose but to consume. We made quick work of them and were on our way back to Iadenveigh in no time. Upon our return, Redfang thanked us heartily. We learned we must go investigate the Choking Tower in order to locate Master Xoud, so Redfang offered to provide us with horses for the journey to Smokewood.

We must have terrible luck, because both days of travel were hindered by thunderstorms. After crossing the Dagger River, we happened upon two giants. The dwarf was less than pleased. I was able to somewhat communicate with them and let them know why were there. Upon mentioning the Choking Tower, we discovered the giants had taken the wheel used to open the door. Sigh. Of course they did. The whole time I was trying to speak with the giants, Haldron was just raring to pick a fight. Hothead. The giants told us if we defeated the machine that killed their leader, they would give us the wheel “and magic.” I saw through that poorly crafted lie right away, so the dwarf got the fight he was itching for. It wasn’t the easiest fight, but we took them down. Zair blew the head off of one of them. We took the wheel and pressed onward.

The giants were lying about their intentions, but it turned out they were not lying about the machine. I am so tired of having to fight everything that moves. After a good deal of injuries, we brought the machine down too. Ragnahr was bleeding quite a lot, so Zair cauterized his wounds. We retreated to the giants’ camp to rest and recuperate. Sleep brought with it an oddly vivid dream. It was very strange.

Once rested, we trekked south and finally arrived at the Choking Tower. There we were able to attach the wheel to the door and get it open…


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